Pioneer VSXLX70 DTS 96/24


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I have an lx70 amp and have noticed when playing back a dvd in dts 96.24 the sound level drops a huge amount on some discs especially on Peter Gabriels greatest hits, the volume at times reverts to the correct volume for a split second then drops again,I have tried 3 different dvd players all are the same
Is there something I have missed in the settings


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Hi, I have the same problem when playing Peter Gabriel Play 96/24 DTS on my yamaha RX-V3800. I have checked through the settings but have been unable
to find the reason for it.
When I view the information on the signal processing it says it is processing DTS 96/24 at -20db. I am pretty sure it is some quirk with the amp because it
played perfectly on my Pioneer VSX-AX3.
The disc plays through the menu perfectly whilst it is playing the DTS sound encoded for the menu but it then drops by -20db when it starts to play your disc selection.
I have just sort of given up on fixing it but would be interested if you find a solution. It is a great pity because I was so looking forward to hearing this disc on my new amp.
regards stasis.


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Thanks for the reply I had no problem playing the same disc on my Pioneer AX5I amp it sounded awesome.
I get -24 as a readout on the lx70,my brother has the same amp with the same results so im guessing the problem lies within the amp but all my Queen 96/24 play perfect.
I will just have to listen to Peter Gabriel in Dolby Digital
Just seems strange that the newer generation amps have trouble with this format.

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