Pioneer VSXC301 or VSXC100 for bedroom?


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Well, quite simple really.

The price difference between the two is a measly £20 for the silver versions.

I just want to be reassured that the 301 is vastly superior to the 100 to justify that £20 :D

I'm going to use some cheapo speakers anyway, don't need anything fancy in the bedroom, I'm going to recycle my Eltax sub and I have two fronts, so just need a centre and rears.

What do y'all think?


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I've got a 301 and am very pleased with it. As I recall the only real differences is the 301 has a bit more power and uses scart connections (still has coax and optical audio inputs). This makes the 301 the obvious choice fir £20 more however, it's casing is quite a bit deeper than the 100 so check it will fit with all the cables hooked up.


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Well, popped over to the open box sale at Richer Sounds on Sunday, and managed to pick up a brand new Yamaha 5630 for a bargain £94!!!!

Going to use this in the bedroom with a new set of Yamaha NSP100's. A bit shattered now, so going to set it all up tomorrow, will report back in a new thread.
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