Pioneer VSX921 Hdmi passthrough... How?


I am attempting to get HDMI Passthrough working on a friends VSX921. Barely anything in the manual about it. It seems to be pushed as a major feature by multiple websites.

There is something in the menus about HDMI through the only option is "eco" and "normal" neither of which seem to work. On other receivers I have used I have held down the power button and it has enabled the HDMI through.

I have read it is possible on the older 920 by enabling HDMI CEC.

Simply put does anyone know if this is possible with a 921 and if so, how??


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I am very frustrated with the Pioneer VSX-921. I connected the cable box to Video 1 of VSX-921 via HDMI and the HDMI out to TV. When I turn off the VSX-921, the TV will have no signal.

Does anyone know if the Standby HDMI pass-thru actually work for VSX-921?

I emailed Pioneer but no reply. I tried to call them but the wait time is 25 minutes, I just hung up.


There appears to be different ways this work, some receivers simply pass through the last HDMI signal sent ( Marantz / Onkyo seem to do this ) and it is no fuss.

Pioneer require HDMI CEC to be active and the devices to be talking otherwise it will simply not pass it through. A bad way of doing it in my opinion since this will obviously cause issues with Sky and Virgin.... =(

Do not think there is a solution to this.

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