Pioneer VSX908 Faults & Suggestions (please!)




My Pioneer VSX908 THX Receiver has developed some very worrying faults. The first problem showed up yesterday whilst playing a DVD with a DD 2.0 soundtrack, pro logic decoding sans THX. The sound came purely as stereo - from the rear speakers. Turning the amp off for a while and then back on again cured the problem, although I vowed to keep an eye on matters.

Tonight my girlfriend settled down to watch a disc, turned the amp on and immediately a regular loud "pulse" sound began to eminante from all five speakers + sub. Not wishing to trash my speaker coils I turned the amp off immediately. Zeroing the volume, turned it back on and switched to the CD analogue input - slowly turning the volume up, the same pulsing noise was still evident.

I'm concluding that the decoding processor itself is stuffed. Am I right in thinking this ?

For the record the speakers are M&K K Series, installed and callibrated last March by a THX engineer - I'm confident the speakers haven't caused the problem.

The amp has also had very heavy use, not only for watching lasers & DVDs but also for the integrated tuner. Likewise it has had more than adequate ventilation and is not obstructed in any way. the reciver is also over 2 years old since I bought it, and is no longer under any kind of warranty.

A few questions then, assuming my diagnosis is correct:

Is it worth going through an approved Pioneer service centre to have the receiver examined & fixed ? If it is the decoder chip, I'm figuring this could be expensive. Does any have any experience of using one ?

If it is likely to be expensive, are there any *reliable* online retailers dealing in mid to upper range THX certified kit ? (If you don't like the whole THX thing, fine and dandy but please don't troll me on it! :)

Finally does any one have either the Pioneer VSX-2011 receiver or the Denon AVC-A11SR care to offer an opinion on either of these ?

Any advice greatfully received - I'm desperate! :(



Phil Hinton

Staff member
I would ask a dealer with a service centre to have a look and give a diagnoses and the cost for repair, then weigh up the pros and cons.

The latest Pioneers and denons are very good and very similar in performance terms, so if you need a new one then demo both, my money would be with the denon, but we all like different things,so go hear it for yourself.

As for your amp, it could be something as simple as dry soldier, or then again it could be the dsp that has gone.:(

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