Pioneer VSX814 or Sony STRDB795?


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Pioneer VSX814 or Sony STRDB795??

I had a demo of these at the weekend. I couldnt see any real difference in the sound between the two models. The Sony had a little more for it when playing music, but the speech was clearer and more crisp for pioneer.

I want to use the amplifier, 50-50, movies-music. The Sony is £10 more than the Pioneer.

Can anyone say anything about these 2 machines to help me make this decision easier?



This is almost our favorite debate at a finnish forum. :)
Sony has better and more solid contruction, for example dedicated condensers as Pioneer has hybrid ones. Sony's heavier also and it's received more cheers SQ-wise. So with music Sony's a better choice. It's up to you which one you like more, I guess Sony's a bit easier to use also?

If you can find a DB790 even cheaper, go for that. It's sonically equal to DB795, but 6.1 and 1 coaxial in only. If there's no price difference then 795 would be better maybe.

Decide also with your dvd-player. Two with same brands is maybe aesthetically nicer and for daily use, better choice.


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There is ment to be a fix for the hissing problem that the sony suffered. The sony gets some very good reviews and is considered as good as some more expenisve model by the hifi mags. Best to try and get a demo with similar speakers to your own if you can though


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I'd go for the Sony on looks alone - the Pioneer is hideous. All those buttons make it look like an 80's midi system.

Did you listen to music on the Sony using the Analogue Direct? I find it gives a noticable improvement.

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