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Well I still haven't purchased a new avr yet, had decided on the Sony STR-DA2400ES but when having a browse on the avland website they have the Pioneer VSX-820 and VSX-920 listed.

I have googled about and searched on here to no avail with google only returning US models/reviews. Nothing is on the Pioneer UK site about these models either.

So are these UK models or will they be/are they already released with a different model number here?

They seem to have a very nice specification but so far have only found avland as the only place to get them in the UK?

Anyone have any input on these models?

All of Pioneer's new Pioneer-branded receivers are rated at 110 watts per channel and the VSX-920-K is no different. One of the major steps up in performance for the 920-K is that they are bumping up from five internal amps to seven. While you needed a pre-out to employ surround back speakers, with the VSX-920-K you can use the internal amps. Like the rest of the new line, Dolby ProLogic IIz is on board but now you can assign the surround back amps to these height channels.

We shouldn't be excited about the fact that the VSX-920-K has HDMI 1.4 inputs making it one of the first 3-D ready receivers on the market since they have two lower priced receivers that do the same but the fact is that at the $399 price point they still are pretty much alone on the market currently. While you might not have the display or source to take advantage of 3-D yet, you probably will soon. If you are going to make a receiver purchase now, you might as well "future-proof" yourself as much as possible.

The input and output configuration of the VSX-920-K is pretty much identical to the VSX-820-K so we won't go over it again. Other than the two additional channels of amplfication, the back panels look identical. You have four HDMI inputs and one out, two component inputs and one out, and a slew of composite video and analogue stereo inputs. One thing that is missing (actually replaced with different outputs) are the left/right analogue pre-outs used for the surround back/height channels on the VSX-520/820-K receivers. Those pre-outs have been replaced with a generic stereo output. This means that you can't run a full 7.1 system AND height channels (you have to use the internal amps). Not really a deal-breaker but something to consider.

Other than the extra amps, the VSX-920-K adds a few important features. For audio purists, Pioneer has included their PQLS (Precision Quartz Lock) system. This allows compatible Pioneer Blu-ray players to have their clock controlled by the receiver over HDMI eliminating jitter effects. At this price point, it only works on two channel sources.

More importantly (to most buyers) is video upconversion. At the $399 price point, expect the VSX-920-K to upconvert all your sources to HDMI. In addition they have employed the Anchor Bay 1080p upconversion (ABT1015). This is an incredibly useful feature for those that have multiple sources being directed to a display with questionable upconversion capabilities. The fact is that many displays will perform well as long as you feed them a clean, upconverted signal. One of the ways to save money in a display purchase is to buy one that doesn't have good conversion. With the Pioneer VSX-920-K you can upconvert everything from your cable box to your VCR to the native resolution of your display.



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hey m8 by the look of it not that much
Key step-up features of the Pioneer VSX-1020-K:

6 HDMI 1.4 inputs
Controllable with Pioneer's new iControl iPhone app
Onscreen album art for iPhone/iPod
Powered second zone functionality
Internet radio, using Ethernet port
Improved automatic speaker calibration (Advanced MCACC)
$550 | Available in April

Key step-up features of the Pioneer VSX-1120-K:

Marvell Qdeo video processing
PC control
Multichannel PQLS
RS-232 port
$750 | Available in April
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These are now listed on the Pioneer UK website

VSX-920-K 7.1 Channel AV Receiver with HD Audio, PQLS, iPod/iPhone Digital Direct via USB and 1080p Upscaling (Black) - Pioneer Amplifier, AV Receivers

Looks like a really nice receiver, I was looking at getting the previous gen 919 then heard about this one and thought it worth the wait.

Any suggestions for a good speaker package to work with this receiver as this is my first AV receiver.

Also has anybody been able to find a good price on this, the best I could find was £550!!!
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Yeah its been on avland for a while - got an email from them saying its in stock so I think I shall act impulsively and purchase it soon!

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