Pioneer VSX-LX303 a bargain at £449?


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Hi all, I'm up for an upgrade from my Sony STR-DN1040 and had narrowed the choices down to: Sony STR-DN1080 @£429 or Denon AVR-X2600H @£425
'Accidentally' popped into my local Richers and they have the Pioneer VSX-LX303 @£449 - any thoughts on where to put my money? I know the Sony is highly rated everywhere, but the Denon seems more versatile. Help me out here people :)


The Denon has a simple set up and a better room correction with Audyssey over both Sony and Pioneer. If you're thinking of Atmos then you'll not run into the problems associated with Sony with either of the others. The advantage with the Pioneer is the number of driven channels which is nine, with both the Denon and Sony you are restricted to seven. There's very little to separate them power wise.
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