Pioneer VSX-E06 Servicing Worth it?


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Jul 15, 2000
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I have a Pioneer VSA-E06 Amplifier and it has given me many years of faithful service.

Just recently I have had a few problems with it such as refusal to switch inputs, no sub output and poor output from individual speaker channels.

My question you think repair/service is a worthwhile (read financially viable) proposition or do you think I should bite the bullet and upgrade to a new amp?
Hard to answer without knowing what it would cost to fix and if you plan to upgrade any other parts of your system?

If you want to bring the new HD audio formats and blu-ray into your set-up then an upgrade would be better use of your money, if you don't then a repair may be worthwhile.

Isnt there anyone on the forums who works in a servicing dept?

Does anyone have an idea as to how much a service would cost?

Has anyone ever had an amp serviced and if so how much was it?

Do we live in such a throw away society that equipment is just binned when it has a problem or does anyone know anyone ......anyone that could offer any advice??
I have a retired E06 fully working lurking in my loft. If you want it you can have it for free (I need the space). One of the best amps Pio built and true THX as well.
Cheers mate, are you sure? If you are drop me a PM wth your address and I will arrange a collection by courier.
KenG, that's real good of you:thumbsup:

No problem. I'll take it into work where it is easier for a courier to collect. Ask them to pick it up from Wednesday on.

I have sent you a PM.

Pleased to help.
Used to have one of these myself. Loverly sounding amp. Great gesture above. Should be done through the classifeds though :D

Flimber makes a good point, I kind of bypassed it as it's a free item. Please create a 'For Sale' Thread in the trading forums, specifying that the item is free but at cost of collector, and also include that the item is specifically for Grumpyduck. I'd suggest setting a title such as 'Pioneer VSX-E06 for free for user Grumpyduck'

If you need any help about trading here KenG, please PM me and I'll be happy to help, it's a pretty painless experience but is required even for items being given away for free.

Kind regards,

Have done, posted it in the classifieds for amps and receivers.

I'll miss the old girl. I don't think current build quality is as good as the Pios from that era.
Well done again. Don't forget to leave feedback you both :)

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