Pioneer VSX-D912 or VSX-2011?


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I hope this query hasn't already been discussed...

Is the 2011 really worth the extra £'s? I'll be driving 'Mission Cinema 7' set. Also play SACD etc. from a Denon 2900.

Also, how many band EQ MACC is the 912?


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I thought so, very happy with mine, bought with the good advice from this forum.

You'll need to listen to them though as it will be down to personal taste and that's a lot of extra cash to spend if you cant tell the difference.


Many people feel the 2011 is a bit of a steal at the price, with Pioneer hoping to gain ground in the receiver marketplace with it.
It's been quickly replaced, which suggests they weren't making much money on the units, and there has been speculation as to whether the replacement AX3 and AX5i are actually slightly lesser quality receivers (albeit with the added i-Link benefit with the latter of the two).


If you want a 2011, you had better be quick. I tried half a dozen places yesterday, before getting the last one from the 7th store I tried. All said that they were out of stock and were not expecting any more in, as Pioneer had replaced the 2011 and they had none left at source. If you can find one for about £700 grab it quick. I wouldn't advise waiting on the "we are expecting a delivery next week brigade." From personal experience, it doesn't happen and by the time you find out, it is too late !!


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Thanks all. About the MACC thing, I would therefore go for a 2011 (if I can find one) or the 2012. It's a pity Denon doesn't do a MACC equivalent which would match my player nicely. I play about with the settings on my Sony STR-DB830 instead of actually enjoying the film. MACC would hopefully cure that problem.


The 2011 is a good buy for the price of £663 (bought it last May'03). For that kind of price I think still good considering it has very good features and new sound formats.

However, it was quickly replaced by AX3 and AX5i with only little bit of improvements like i-link and screw type speaker terminals but the the features still the same. If you want all of them to put together then buy the AX10i.

This is very obvious that Pioneer can't sell much of their AX10i that's why they put bits and pieces to other models.

Anyway, at the end of the day you'll ask your self, 'Do I still need monstrous receiver or you just want to say that I have one?'

To meet your satisfaction, i suggest go for 2011 but you may need a better sub

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