Pioneer VSX-C301 anyone own it? got any reviews? comments? please


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I am thinking of getting it and wondering what its like, I see it has plenty of ok specs but whats it acctually like?
maybe gonna link it with a Tannoy FX5.1 speaker set, any comments just say so please. :)

maybe paying about 160 quid for it? so for that price is it worth it?


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its a bargain but try searching for more info on it also use the Av resources list at the top of the page for reveiws.


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Hi Romero,

Can only give you my amateurish opinion on a similar model - I got the FX5.1's a few weeks ago and had planned on the Yamaha 5630 to go with it. At the time Richer's were out of stock and offered me a Pioneer VSX-c550 which I believe is the next model up from the 301.

This was my first seperates system going from a Digitheatre DTS and I have to say, I was a bit disappointed. The c550 was a pretty weedy 30WPC, and I didn't like the look, display or notice a significant improvement in sound from the c550 over my Digitheatre (which is not to say it's shameful, the DTS is a pretty competant system).

I took the c550 back the following week and exchanged it for the 5630 which I am much happier with - better looking (more macho :D ), more powerful, better display and options, and IMO, a better sound than the VSX301.

The 301 can be had for about £150, yes, even picked up 2nd hand for about £100. I guess you know my opinion though ;) - for me the 5630 is a better option at £150.


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Very nice to know, I did think the 301 looked a little odd as it was soo slim, but also the amount of scarts on the back threw me too, but it was kind of between this pioneer and the newSONY STRDB790 amp, and it was looking like the sony was winning by quite a bit, and only costs a bit more.

but will also look at the 5630 as all this info helps as I need a nice set up soon, and the more I find out the better. :)


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I have a 301 in my flat and love it but I listen there at relatively low volumes. I use a 5.1 speaker set made up of Logitech THX pc speakers that is similar in size to the Tannoys (I probably would have bought the Tannoys if I hadn't spotted the Logitechs in the special offers section here). The 301 is an ideal partner for this sort of speaker package because you can set the bass crossover at 150 or even 200 Hz. The Sony and many others tend to limit the crossover point to somewhere between 80 and 120 Hz. However, try to keep your sub somewhere in between the front speakers so the mid bass coming from it doesn't localise the box too much.

The 301 is probably only really an 'honest' 20-25watts per channel but it should be fine in a small to medium room at moderate levels. The scart connectivity makes it a joy to use and the remote can even be programmed to operate most brands of TV, VCR and DVD. At £160 you can probably get an entry level Denon or Yamaha and the Sony you mention is only a little more. They'll all eat the 301 for breakfast (at least double the power to start with) although they a much larger too. So the 301 is a compromise but partnered with the Tannoys or similar and a modest display and source I think it's a smashing piece of kit.

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