Pioneer VSX AXASi-S hd issues


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Hi all,

had a cull of all my AV gear and am starting again. Having all the same issues as everyone on the planet (or those of us geeky enough) with HD ready or True HD 1080P etc. Like the idea of future proofing but everything seems to come with a large 'but'. To begin I replaced my old Pioneer 1014 (which I loved) with a VSX AX4ASi-S thinking past experience plus 4 HDMI inputs must make it the clear choice.
Was gonna buy the Tosh EX1 and go for full HD with a 1080P LCD. Recent threads have worried me though. Have any other owners of said amp experience problems with video upscaling through HDMI. Must have SKY HD+, and no upsacling would make the amp a duff choice.
Apparently it won't handle HD audio sources also which defeats the object of the Tosh player.
I was gonna set it all up with the Sharp LC52XD1E or Samsung LE46F71BX LCS telly's. So, any thoughts on the screens from owners and is this amp just a box of problems? Any success stories greatly appreciated!


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You need one with the new firmware.

I am currently waiting to get my local Pioneer service centre to sort their lives out, until then I am stuck with no bass when using audio-over-HDMI and a dark grainy picture when up-scaling component to HDMI (I have amp connected to screen via HDMI and component for the time being)

Supposedly the new firmware fix these 2 issues, otherwise is a great piece of kit.


Bought the AX4ASi and a LC46XD1E, Screen is gorgeous. Had problems with the AX4 and PS3 signal in 1080p - see other thread. Waiting for Amp to be picked up and not sure if I want to replace it yet or swap it for something else. When you actually get some Bass it's a nice piece of kit but seems to have a lot of 'niggles' for such an expensive unit. I'm sure it will rock when they sort out the teething problems.


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Thanks guys, went to look at the 52 inch version of the Sharp LCD last night, and drooled pathetically.Until I make a decision and a purchase (how do you sneak in a 52" screen without the missus noticing anyway?), I won't be able to confirm if I've got the new firware version of the Pio. If not is it something I can add or have added without too much hassle? Untill there are more HD players out there I'll probably wait a while anyway, so HD audio is a future requirement, but I'd hate to think I'd need another new receiver before I've even had a chance to play with this one. Must be able to upscale my Sky or I'll be forced to run the Sky box straight into the telly, using the Pio for audio only. Where's my one cable sollution then? I'll ideally be using HDMI only by the way, so does that mean I shouldn't have the problems you've experienced with the component/HDMI upscaling?
As a general rule of thumb guys how did you find set up and overall sound quality? I've read some worrying reviews, which is odd as my old 1014 sounded awesome.
Re the PS3 problem, haven't got mine yet, but I've a few buddies who are experiencing problems with it's 1080p output who don't have the Pio. Poss PS3 problem?
Sorry to go on, but re the Sharp, how does it perform with SD and upscaled standard DVD's?

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