pioneer vsx ax5i sound loss problems


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Hi , my pioneer vsx ax5i has start to play up. when using it the sound goes, this can happen after just 10 minutes , across all in puts. i turn it off at the plug, when i switch in on again the next day the sound is back. i run kef 2005 speakers,dvd757ai via i link,pioneer tv via optical lead,humax freeview via optical. it went to my local store for repair but they found nothing wrong.has any one got any ideas?


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It's possible for there to be overloading on the outputs, for example a whisker of wire across one of the speaker terminals (or in my case melted insulation on the speaker cable where it went across fixed below the mantelepiece, above the wood burning stove). The effect is that the amp silently decides to shut down for longer and longer periods to protect itself.

Happened at christmas and I bought a new AV receiver before I figured it out.


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hi roaster,how would i test my speaker cables as they are in the wall.amp works except no sound and wont pick up dolby digital signal via i link when the sound goes.

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