Pioneer VSX-AX5i Home Cinema receiver - sound volume problems


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Good morning,

Before sending my AV to a service centre, I wanted to post this question in the event the someone else has experienced a similar problem and can comment on it.

My AX5i has been part of my AV-TV set up since it's purchase in 2003 without any problems. My config, apart from the AX5i, includes a Pioneer 757 DV, Virgin box, Panasonic 42' plasma, Lumagen Video Processor and the Apple2 TV.

A couple of days ago, all of a sudden while watching TV the sound turned into a very lound hissing noice, as if I had turned the sound to max. The volume on the AV was still showing the original number and you could just hear the actual dialogue from the TV program over the hissing sound. I tried to change the mode from ProLogic to THX cinema etc and for a short period (30') that seemed to rectify the problem, but them it would come back.

I switched all the systems off and waited until the following day. I tried it for an hour in the morning and it was ok. However in the evening after about 3 hours watching the same problem returned.

Has anyone perhaps experienced something similar to that problem and can comment on it?

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.



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Does it happen on all sources?
Is it on a source that uses an optical connection to the reciever? I had an issue with sound a while ago which sounds similar to yours and in the end it was the optical cable from my sky box. Changed the cable and problem went away.


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not sure to be honest, since I haven't tried all of them. The first time we watched a film on Apple TV and then switched it off and were watching cable when it happened. The following night, we watched a DVD and as before switched that source off and were watching cable again.

I think it's a AV problem. As regards optical cables that you mentioned, I only have an optical cable for the Apple TV. The DVD is connected through iLink and the Virgin box has normal audio cables that connect the box to the AV.

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