Pioneer VSX-AX4ASi-S


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I am looking for some advice from those that have the above Amp. I am trying to connect a PC with DVI-D out to the Amp then output the signal to the projector which is Component, is this possible.
I am using a DVI-D converter to HDMI / HDMI - HDMI lead to the Amp, selecting HDMI in the input menu for the source and nothing happens. The HDMI lamp appears on the front of the Amp and the computer can see the Amp and is able to clone an output in the Nvidia control pannel. Is it not working becasue the Amp can not convert the HDMI signal to Component? and if I input an HDMI signal from the PC, I need to output one to the projector?


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It states in the manual that it will upscale/upconvert virtually everything to everything, with the sole exception being HDMI, which can only go to HDMI.

This is almost certainly to do with compliance, else their HDCP keys would be revoked due to allowing HDCP protection to be by-passed.


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Sorry, now I have read through the manual again I can see that it will not do what I am trying to do.Thanks for the reply.

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