I am upgrating from a YAMAHA RX-V 890. I am a home cinema fan but I want also to listen to good quality music. My speakers are B&W P6 and BOSE ACOUSTIMASS 5.
I see that these models have almost the same price. I think that the Pioneer sounds better but the YAMAHA has more inputs like phono, component, etc. Also the YAMAHA decodes ProLogic IIx. Of cource these inputs are importand to me but more importand is the sound quality. What do you suggest?
Thank you in advance.
The Yamaha has more Inputs than the Pioneer it also has Component video input and Component video up conversion. i was going to get the Ax3 but i have now decided to go for the Yamaha as it has Lip synch feature and more morden.
Yamaha, without a doubt :smashin:.
Disagree. Component stuff is only for those with multiple screens. The AX3 is a great amp and great quality. For music the AX3 is better. There's no smoothness to yammy stuff.
OK so where is the best/cheapest place to get a rxv-1400 from then??
Got mine for £487 from - VERY VERY happy!
If you do order your Yammy from, make sure the thing is in stock first. I was waiting for a Pioneer AX3 to come in stock for over a month and still no sign of it. They kept deferring the shipping week. Started at week 7 and was at week 13 when I canceled. Other suppliers didn't seem to have problems getting stock. Cancelled and placed my order somewhere else. Not always advisable to go for the cheapest place.
Got mine for £720 was going to go for the Ax3 but the yamaha was a better system.
i've found that with demo the yamaha sells itself at it's full price of £800 which is the price we sell it at whereas the ax3 needs the discounted price to hold up it's head, if they were both £800 i'd buy the yamaha still. The music performance is marginally better on the AX3 but the yamaha is a whole stepup in movies! always seem to have a wait of 30 -45 days on there page . how long did you have to wait Vodder??
It's due the week after next. When I ordered it was on 45 days. I spoke with 3 other companies (the ones listed after hificomp on ) and they all told me that there was no stock until the middle of March.

We'll have to wait and see whether it was a good choice or not - but so far I'm happy....
Do you think that it is worth to wait for the YAMAHA for a month and pay EUR 50 extra instead of buying the PIONEER now?
To vodder:
How did you use their site? Do they send in Europe? Please give me any information about how to use this site and buy, because I cannot speak German.
Thank you.
ck_atlantic: That's what I've just done. I've been checking out some more and I'm worried that the Pioneer will run out of steam trying to power my current speakers. I'd prefer to play it safe and spent another 40 EUR on the Yamaha.
nelius, because I don't speak german, can you propose to me an on-line shop where I will be able to buy the YAMAHA?
ck_atlantic: You could try Best thing to do is email them at one of these addresses and tell them you want to order one with shipping to Greece. They wil answer in English and are quite prompt.
The Yamaha is listed on the site under the following titles:

Yamaha RX-V1400RDS (titan)
Yamaha RX-V1400RDS (schwarz)

[email protected]
[email protected]

Please be aware that I have not yet received my Yamaha receiver from this company yet since I made the order only yesterday.

I read on these forums that they will require a faxed copy of your passport and credit card for security reasons. Their online store only allows for payment by Cash On Delivery in Germany. Perhaps some others who have made a purchase from overseas can tell you how it went for them. I found them to be a reliable company in my past dealings. Others have recommended but I had the Pioneer AX3 on order with them and it looked like it was never going to turn up so I cancelled and I'm waiting for a refund from them. Hope this helps.
Thank you my friend. I will check them. When you finally receive your unit, please inform me.
Thank you.

I recently dealt with Krish AV when I bought my ex-dem Pioneer 2011 - no problems with them at all - amp was in perfect nick and arrived next day.

Buckster how much you pay for the amp??

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