Pioneer VSX-933 - CONSTANT black screen video/sound cut out issues.


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Hi everyone

I’m going insane. It’s been months since I’ve had this issue but it’s now back on multiple inputs on this receiver which I wish I could just return to the store.

I was watching playing on my PS5 when it happened. I went into settings and set the HDMI output to -2 and that seemed to make a difference, switched over to my 4k Apple TV and watched an episode of a Disney plus show in 4k Dolby vision with no cut outs.

Went to a different app to watch a 1080p video and immediately had cut outs. The first would come up and I wouldn’t lose sound just video then the second would come seconds after and I would lose both.

I’ve played the HDMI cable game to the point that i spent WAAAAAAAAY too much money on 8k cables from mono price after the high end cables on amazon didn’t work.

I don’t want to have to send the receiver in it I can at all help it, especially since a stupid plumber dented the top (not anywhere that could he causing this but whatever) and I didn’t find out for a long ways after.

But I don’t know what else to do, I’m honestly losing my mind. It’s like the stupid thing has hiccups and I cannot figure out how to not have this happen

It’s on multiple devices, on multiple inputs on my receiver and the way I have my setup, everything is running through my receiver and then out to my tv. All the things in question are using mono price cables and I’ve tried at this point 3 different brands.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi, did you get to the bottom of this ? I'm having a similar issue with chromecast TV connected via the VSX-933 and 8k cable to the TV. Google Chromecast TV connected directly to HDMI 4 of the receiver and I get drop-outs / blank screen for a second or so when the CC is set to 4k 60hz. If I change the video output on the CC to 4k 25hz it works fine. If I connect the CC direct to my TV (LG OLED65cx) it works fine at 60hz. The HDMI is set to "enhanced" on the receiver. It's driving me nuts !


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Try changing the HDMI cable between the TV and the AV receiver.

I'd also question why you've chosen to use a cable designated for use with a higher bandwidth than what the HDMI chipset onboard your AV receiver can handle? I'd not wasye money on buying cables advertised for 8K use unless you actually need an Ultra cable.

Amazibs own HIGH SPEED 18Gbps HDMI cables should be fine and all that you'd need:

Amazon product


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I've tried multiple cables, 2.0, 2.1, cheap, and not so cheap. I got a 2.1 cable as I intend to get a xbox series x in the future. I have a Panasonic UB-820 4k blu-ray connected and everything works fine with that, youtube, prime, netflix etc. Virgin TV360 works fine and my xbox one x also works fine


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Even if you get an XBox series X, there's still no benefit associated with connecting it to your AV receiver using anything more than an 18Gbps HIGH SPEED cable.

How other sources act is of no importance. The issue you have is with another source.


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Sorry I took so long to reply.

No. This pos is just that. A pos. It happens constantly with multiple sources. With my Apple TV, changing the video output can be seriously detrimental and still causes drop outs even after switching it back.

As to you dante, you are being critical in our switching of cables to ones that are too good? How does that make sense? A) it future proofs the cables, b) it does no harm, c) it’s a necessary step to troubleshooting.

I have tried every cable known to man and am in a situation. Where I detest this receiver. Sadly my plumber dented the top of it and didn’t tell me and it’s too late to take action or prove it, so im not even sure I can get it repaired under warranty or replaced.

Im fed up with this though, it’s a nightmare and im sick of the nonsense. I need the full HD audio and this POS doesn’t even have earc (which is my own fault) so the only other option is an expensive switch to control the 120 hz sources and an HD Audio extractor to get the earc function.

Or I either get this replaced or bin the pile of garbage and replace it with a receiver that’s not a pioneer it Onkyo

Never again


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Make sure you have the latest firmware updates. Hold the Dimmer button on the receiver itself and press the Auto button to switch into enhanced 4k HDMI mode. This will enable higher bandwidth display modes.

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