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Hi all,

Well lets try to find a solution here then. :)

My setup:

Panasonic 55'' 3D Smart 4K LED-TV TX-55CXC725
Pioneer VSX-930
Pioneer BDP-LX58
Apple TV gen4
Playstation 4
(all updated with latest firmware)

All the devices is connected with Bandridge HighSpeed HDMI cables.

Now to the issue. Lately I have experienced that when I switch to Apple TV (connected to SAT) I got horisontal lines and after just a sec the HDMI signal drops. I comes up again after 2-3 sec and everything seems fine. This symptoms shows up only when I have the screensaver on or running a movie, not when I have the Apple TV in "meny" mode. But after a while (very randomly) these lines comes back again and the signal drops again. I have had the same issue with my Bluray (connected to BD) but I can't regenerate that problem anymore.

At the beginning all the devices was set to Auto for HDMI but I have changed that to fixed 1080p resolution without any luck.

Just want to hear from you all, if anyone have any ideas what the root of this problem can be. I don't think this problem is associated to heat because the issue shows up when the receiver is cold and when it has been on for a while. I haven't moved anything either and checked that all cables are connected as they supposed to.

The startup routine:
1. Reciver
2. Bluray
3. Apple TV
4. PS4

Im not sure, but it seems that if I have only Apple TV on and other devices off the problem doesn't show up. Need to confirm this little more. Could it be that the receiver is trying to make an HDMI handshake with all other devices and some kind interfere with "active" device showing up on TV? In that case the PS4 should have the same issue right?

As I mentioned before the problem has occurred on Bluray and now on Apple TV. The strange thing is that PS4 is running without any problems at all. Have never had any of this symptoms with it.

So before I go and buy new HDMI cables and start to connect the devices directly to the TV I want to hear from you all, if anyone have any ideas. Is there any settings that might result in this issue (on reciver or the device that is connected)?

Thanks in advice!



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Hi again all,

Ive some more info to you.. :)

Just switched on the system again and only turned on the Apple TV and after just 4 min I got same problem and again about 2 min later when I was standing in meny mode. Tryied same with the Bluray and same there problem there. PS4, working just fine.

Maby there is something wrong with HDCP?


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Ive made some changes..

Apple TV is set to 1080p 60hz
Bluray is set to 4k Pure AV
PS4 ist set to 1920x1080 60hz

VSX 930 is upscaling Apple TV and PS4 to 3840x2160 60Hz. PS4 is upscaled to 3840x2160 50Hz (don't know why its 10 Hz lower, any one knows?).

Didn't notice any different. Got this HDMI drops both for Apple TV and Bluray. PS4 running without any issues.

Anyway, yesterday I started to reset all the devices. Started with the TV first. Guess what, since after factory reset I haven't experienced any issues neither with Apple TV or with Bluray. I ran the Bluray with screensaver on for 30 min yesterday without any problems and same with Apple TV. No interferes what so ever. Runed a movie thru Apple TV and Bluray no issues at all. PS4, running as usual without any problems.

After this troubleshooting it feels like the problem was software related to the TV or might there be a chance that there is anything with the hardware? By the way, I haven't swiped any cables or any other physical changes are made.

I would be happy if anyone can brief this with me.. :)

Appreciate your help.



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Well there goes my happiness. Just ran another movie from Apple TV and the problem occurred. Once the lines comes up the hdmi signal drops. Happened once and then stabilized..

So, where to continue? >.<



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Ok, some more info. I changed HDMI cables to Monster Black Platinum and the problem with HDMI drop is gone. No lines appears anymore and it feels stable for now.

The only very strange thing is that it takes about 3-5 minutes before I get any picture on the TV. Sound seems fine but no picture neither from Apple TV, ps4 or bluray.




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Seems that if I turn one of the connected devices on first (ps4, Apple TV or BL) and after that I turn the AV on and last the TV the signal comes up faster. But it still takes about 5 minutes to get picture on the TV.

Guys is there anything more I can try to solve this issue? The guarantee is soon gone and I need to take action. Please, anyone?

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