Question Pioneer VSX 930 and Xbox one S issue


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Afternoon all,

I have a pioneer VSX 930 amp and an Xbox one S but i'm unable to get a picture onto the TV. The HDMI light on the amp goes red to show the connection but nothing outputs from the amp to the TV.

There also seems to be an issues as it keeps disconnecting the HDMI connection and keeps connecting then re-disconnecting. If i plug the Xbox directly into the TV then arc the sound into the amp everything works fine. I just cant go from the Xbox to the amp to the TV.

I have tried both BD and cable/sat HDMI inputs and still nothing. I have tried numerous cables and that includes buying two new cables to try and resolve the issue.

If i go from xbox one s directly to TV i get all the ticks on the xbox so it's supported.

I'm just not sure how to get this working. Any ideas chaps as this is driving me mad :(


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Hi, I'm wondering if you have resolved this issue ?
I am due to receive the Xbox one X next Tuesday and I also have the VSX 930 running the latest firmware.
I noticed in the firmware upgrade notes it states support for HDR from the latest Blu Ray players so I am wondering if it's specific to the Blu Ray hdmi port only ? Did you try that port for your Xbox one S ?
I have contacted Pioneer support for clarification on this matter as if that is the case (Blu Ray HDMI port only) I will need to replace the Pioneer VSX 930 for an AVR that supports HDR in all variants through at least 3 of its hdmi ports


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The firmware upgrade notes state:

VSX-930 : 1-283-009-507-193


Support transmission of HDR(High Dynamic Range) signal adopted by next generation 4k Blu-ray.
Improve the stability of HDMI connection.
Improve the stability of NETWORK features.
Improve the stability of iPod/USB features.
Other improvement.

Hence why I believe HDR support is specific to the Blu Ray HDMI port.
As the Xbox One S outputs HDR and the Pioneer only supports HDR through the Blu Ray HDMI port perhaps that's why the receiver wouldn't pass through the signal from your Xbox. Also did you check you have the latest firmware ?

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