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We have had this Pioneer VSX922 for around 9 years now and a has worked beautifully for that time. We had Sky TV and sound was great for movie / football viewing via an 8 year old LG TV.

Just very recently like 2 weeks ago have cancelled Sky due to us streaming everything we watch nowadays. As the LG wasn't a smart TV, we decided to upgrade the lounge TV to a Samsung Neo QLED QN94A and so watch all TV through the streaming apps via the Samsung.

Our issue is that I just cannot get any sound out of the Pioneer whatsoever now. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. There is no source anymore "sky" so connected HDMI cable to "HDMI out" on the Pioneer to the HDMI eArc on the Samsung. Nothing. Next, I connected the optical cable we were using with the Sky Q box in the optical of the TV and the optical input of the Pioneer. Changed the audio setting on the Samsung TV to play via optical. Again, pure silence.

Really not too sure what to do next. Been on it for well over 1 hour this morning messing about with settings and just can't get any sound out of it. It worked fine 2 weeks ago with Sky Q plugged into it 🤔

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Thank you mate. Okay so that is done and I am getting sound now. BUT only through my left, centre, and right speaker. Nothing is coming out of any rear speakers at all. Why would this be?


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Are you sure you're watching a surround sound stream of a surround sound source?


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Are you sure you're watching a surround sound stream of a surround sound source?

Yes mate. Kids have got Sonic the Hedgehog on watching via Netflix. Said 5.1, and amp picked up 5.1 too but sound only came out the front 3 speakers. Turned it all off and then back on again and all working !

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