Pioneer VSX-819H-K and 4 Ohm Speakers


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Hi Everyone,
I have had my eye on this reciever for a while now, but I haven't been able to get a straight answer on whether it will support the 4 Ohm speakers that I currently own. For the most part the consensus seems to be that they don't so I had almost given up on it, and then today I had a glimmer of hope.

On the Best Buy Canada website (Audio: Home Audio & Speakers: Pioneer 5.1 Channel HDMI Receiver (VSX-819H-K) | Best Buy Canada Web Store), the specs for the unit claim that it does support 4 Ohms.

The Pioneer website (Pioneer of Canada - English - Pioneer A V Receivers) claims 6 Ohms and above.

I know trusting Best Buy over the manufacturer doesn't make much sense, but I thought I would ask...

Does anyone have any experience with this reciever using 4 ohm speakers?

The speakers that I have are rated for 4 Ohms, 310 Watts.



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From the manual:
You can use speakers with a normal impedance between 6 Ω and 16 Ω


You can use speakers with a normal impedance between 6 Ω and 16 Ω. However, be aware that only the front speakers are set to a value between 12 Ω and 16 Ω when you select SPAB.
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