Pioneer VSX-534 with PS2 over HDMI causing artefacts @ 480p


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Hey all, so I’ve always had a PS2 hooked up to my setup because I still have a load of old games I like to play. With my older VSX-921 receiver it had Component input on the back, so I used to use the official Sony Component cable and everything worked flawlessly. I even had it hooked up so I‘d use Optical out from the PS2 to take full advantage of any games that supported Dolby etc.

I upgraded my setup when I got a PS5. Now my new VSX-534 doesn’t have Component input, and neither does my Samsung TV. So I bought a Component to HDMI adaptor from Amazon and ran it through my receiver and it was a nice picture. Then I realised if I ever enabled 480p mode on any of the games that’d support it the screen would have bad artefacting and would be tearing in half horizontally. I tried bypassing the AVR and going straight into the TV and it works fine, but then I lose the benefit of optical audio through the amp, as the optical input has to be assigned to a HDMI port.

Yesterday I bought a Kaico HDMI adaptor from Amazon that does away with me needing to use my Component to HDMI converter, but this has the EXACT same issue. Everything works until I enable 480p in a game and then I get the artefacts/screen tearing. I’ve tried 3 different HDMI leads. I’ve turned off upscaling on the amp, I tried turning off ARC too just incase, but nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any ideas? The way these adaptors are advertised I assumed they did all the upscaling and then just outputted a 1080p signal?
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