Pioneer vsx-529k vs ONKYO TX-8130?


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I recently bought QAcoustics 3050i and the Pioneer vsx-529k. After playing them for a few days I realized that the vsx-529k receiver is made for surround sound/ home theater. I am not watching a lot of movies and I bought to system for music, stereo mostly. I called the store I bought these from they just told me to set FRONT to LARGE and turn the other channels off and I should be fine. However after reading around a bit I realized I may have made a wrong purchase with the surround receiver as I plan on using it for listening to music exclusively. I would like to stream using AirPlay. I am wondering if I should return it and get the ONKYO TX-8130 ( is what the store has listed as stereo receivers). My understanding is that this receiver is made for stereo (2 channels). Other stereo receivers around the same price as the Pioneer vsx-529k are ONKYO TX-L20D and Sherwood RX-772.

So my question is will I get better sound quality with replacing the vsx-529k 5.1 with a 2.0 stereo receiver, or should I not bother returning it? So far I find the vsx529-k sound good for rock/ techno music but lacks quality when listening to rap/ r&b songs.

Does anyone have some experience with pairing the QAcoustics 3050i with ONKYO stereo amp?


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A dedicated stereo amp will definitely sound superior to the AV amp that you have. If you spend a similar amount on the stereo amp when you exchange I think you will notice a decent improvement. Sorry I don't know the Onkyo amp that you mention, do you need the built-in networking feature? No point in paying for a feature if you're not going to use it.


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I will definitely love to connect the receiver to my router and stream using Spotify with AirPlay (lossless) from my Mac laptop. I assume that's what you mean by networking feature.

I am assuming you're thinking if I ditch the networking feature I can even get a better sound for that price, but will have to use something different for the source?



'Networking features' have been standard for years as far as receivers are concerned, be that multichannel or stereo ones.

Arguably, you're better off making sure that the receiver's network audio streaming capabilities are not only able to provide you with the best quality audio that you require from your chosen online music streaming service(s), but also provide a decent user experience.

Specifically, for Spotify, that would mean the receiver supporting Spotify Connect; AirPlay would be ok, but second best in this case as it's an indirect streaming method. AirPlay would supply the audio through your Mac laptop, not directly from Spotify's online server as happens with Spotify Connect. With Spotify Connect you can actually switch the laptop off and the entire playlist should carry on being played by the receiver.
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