pioneer vsx 510



yeah its DTS and DD only £109 at richersounds!!!!!!!

any1 got1 and know if it is any good?:p


ive got it. I got it for £110, and its £220 in forum hifi (in nottingham):eek:

Its an older model which has been replaced by the d511 (its got PLII but only 60wpc with 10% THD:confused: ) the d510 has 80wpc with 10% THD, so it accually give you about 70wpc cleanly, but the figures never tell the truth :( I would estimate about 50 wpc relisticly)

Its the best thing on market bar none for the price. Its got acceptable quality sound, and many great features (midnight listning, and Expand, which is a sort of non-advanced Pro Logic II)

Its got all the input and outputs you need for a budget system, but sadly no s-video sockets.

Its not musical at all. So dont use this one for your music.
DTS is great, its very impresive, but dot expect the amp to go very loud. I use it in my bedroom which is about 7m x 5m, and it just about gives me the right amount of power to fill the room.(it can deliver alot more but it starts to "hiss" when it goes to cinamatic volumes, but doesnt have any obvious clipping)

I would gladly recommend it to any first time buyer. You will not be dissapointed !

BTW Its takes AGES to run in :mad: Sounds like **** out the box

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