Pioneer VSX-2021 programming remote guide


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Hi All,

A few days ago I programmed my pioneer remote to control my TV, following the notes from the instruction manual, with no problems
Tonight I tried for about 30 minutes to program the pioneer remote to control my SkyHD box as I am tired of having 2-3 remotes around me.
If you are interested in doing this please follow the instructions taken from the manual, then read my sub notes.

Please also see the codes.

Selecting preset codes directly
1,Press and hold RCU SETUP, then press ‘1’ for three seconds.

Release the button after the LED flashes once. The LED continues to flash.

  • To cancel the preset setup mode press RCU SETUP.
2,Press the input function button for the component you want to control.

When assigning preset codes to TV CONTROL, press TV CTRL here.
The LED blinks once and flashes continuously.

3,Use the number buttons to enter the 4-digit preset code.

If the LED lights for one second and continues to flash, the setting has been successfully completed.
When the preset code is fully input, the LED flashes three times to indicate that the setting has failed. If this happens, enter the 4-digit preset code again.

4,Repeat steps 2 through 3 for the other components you want to control.

To try out the remote control, switch the component on or off (into standby) by pressing SOURCE. If it doesn’t seem to work, select the next code from the list (if there is one).

5,Press RCU SETUP to exit the preset setup mode.

PLEASE bare in mind the instructions do not tell you, when picking the source button to program , instruction "2" (Press the input function button for the component you want to control.) select the HDMI input the sky box is connected too.

Sky Codes
6114 for standard box
6086 for HD box

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