Pioneer VSX-2020 compatable with Sky Q?

Paul in Guernsey

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Good afternoon,

I posted the question below to the Sky forum and was redirected here, so here goes.....

I’m thinking of upgrading to Sky Q (mainly to access Disney+ and Netflix on my tv) and would be grateful if you could advise whether my current kit / set up would be compatible. I’ve spoken to Sky about this a few times, but their answers have been contradictory.

I have:
  1. Sky+HD box (to be replaced hopefully by the Sky Q box); this is connected via a HDMI cable to
  2. Pioneer surround sound amplifier (VSX-2020) – which runs my 5.1 surround sound system, and is connected to
  3. Panasonic TX-P65VT20.
All cables run under the floor boards / chased into the walls, so obviously I don’t want to have to rip up carpets / plaster etc for new wiring. Also while my tv and AVR are over 8 years old, they’re working fine, so again wouldn’t want to replace these either.

The connections described above are based on me looking at the back of each piece of tech and from what I can see (from experimenting by pulling out / pushing back in cables etc), it looks like my Sky box* -> AVR -> tv + 5.1 surround sound.

*Also runs to an “hub” from which I have two other tv’s which access Sky via “magic eyes” – am looking to replace these via two mini boxes so that I can have the multi-room facility.

All constructive feedback appreciated – thanks for your time.


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Get yourself a Chromecast TV or similar box for the two streaming services on the Plasma TV? (Connect to the AVR for 5.1 sound).

Probably much cheaper. ;) {Check out the hardware and sub prices, though, I may well be wrong}.

NB $ky Q boxes are rented and you (currently) own the HD box.

Your potential problem may eventually come when you replace the TV with a UHD one and want that feature... UHD TVs will probably have suitable streaming players built in, though.

But there's no reason why the Q box would not happily work in your system.

NB For UHF terrestrial TV (assuming you have an aerial and it plugs into the RF IN of the $ky HD box you will need to connect that aerial to the RETURN cable (RF2 out of $ky box) to pipe the signal to the other rooms. A 2-way splitter would be required if you want Freeview on the main TV (and it is fed from RF1 out currently).

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