Pioneer VSX 2016


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Hi Guys

I have the following amp I have read through the manual but still need a bit of help setting this up. Im using the auto mcacc feature and i have a 5.1 speaker set up. However im not entire sure the best way for the MCACC to pick up that im only using a 5.1 rather than 7.1. So do i need to plug the rear speaker in Suround back or just Surround left/right. I also seem to keep getting an error when using the auto MCACC.

Thanks In Advance


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Hi there, welcome to the forum...

I would say the surround/left-right. The surround back are only used in a 7.1 setup.

I have a VSX-1016 and had no problems with my 5.1 setup this way.



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Sometimes you get an error when there is too much ambient noise or your subwoofer is cranked up too high. I'm sure there are others as well.

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