Pioneer VSX 2011, REALLY NEED HELP! :(


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I have just taken my Pioneer out of storage and although the setup process went fine, and initially the amp seemed fine, when i plugged my freeview box and DVD player into the coaxial inputs the amp will not pick up either of the signals. The speakers are working though, as i checked using the radio.

I've done all of the simple stuff, like gone into the menus of the freeview box and DVD and made sure all of the settings are correct, and i've changed the input type on the amp to didital for both but still absolutely nothing.

It's not just that i get no can tell by the display on the front of the amp that it is just not recognising the digital signal at all.

I have just moved house which is why the amp was in storage for a while, so am not really in a financial situation where i can afford to take the amp in without knowing exactly what is wrong with it so that i don't get ripped off.

Does anyone know a good repairs shop if that is what is needed, in the Birmingham area....and any idea what it would cost to be fixed?

I'm absolutely gutted.....after setting everything up which took ages and then for it not to work was heartbreaking! :(

Thanks very much to anyone who replies, i really appreciate it.



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Is it playing sound through an analogue RCA source? The first thing I would check is that no buttons are pressed on the front of the amp that might have been accidentally pushed in during storage and that it's not in analogue mode. With the power being off for a while, it may have defaulted to factory settings, so make sure the inputs are assigned correctly. Good luck.


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I would guess that you have not assigned the inputs.

You need to go into the amp's set-up menu and assign the inputs, e.g. tell it that, for DVD, it needs to read Optical Input Number 1, for Freeview, it needs to read Optical Input Number 2, etc.



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