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please can anyone help, i have just brought a pioneer vsxd912 reciever and hooked my tannoy fx 5.1 sat speakers up. although up and running seem sure that it is not set up proper as the sound needs to be turned up quite alot to get a decent volume. and not sure that this is a good idea with my small speakers. what is the average volume setup on the reciever as it starts at --- the counts back from -99 which seems odd, does it stop at -1 or carry on with + 1, 2 3 etc. sorry if this is a silly question but can't find info on booklet and don't want to test out incase i blow amp or speakers, i have already turned up volume and on my last amp was really loud 1/3 of way up. so anyone who has this amp does the volume button start from -99 and work down or is this a fault.

thanks and look forward to reply, confused cath or stupid


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The power ratings of your receiver and speakers are well matched,with the maximum rating of the speakers being 100W and the amp's maximum also the same.

The volume control on most amps is a fairly abitrary affair,and as long as you use it sensibly(!)you should have no problems with the combination you have....the volume controls on a lot of AV gear are calibrated back from -99 to 0 or +20dB so that's not unusual.

The setting you have to use to achieve a given loudness or SPL will vary according to the sensitivity of the speakers being used,and your Tannoys are not the most sensitive,so you may expect to use a higher setting than with a set of horn loaded speakers for instance.

Hope that helps!

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