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Answered Pioneer TV input from amp video/pc mode question.is


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This it a really hard question to ask as I'm missing a key bit of detail, I'll try to find this info out correctly asap.

My current setup a pioneer vsx-lx 70 AV amp, that takes hdmi input from a sky hd box, a pioneer lx90 bluray player and an Apple TV4 device all on separate hdmi inputs. The amp then selectss the input and outputs to my 50'' pioneer plasma tv ( here is the key missing part I can't see the exact model number as its mounted on the wall )

I noticed when swapping to the Apple TV4 device that the output was a little too big for the to screen. I did some research and found that this is common and you need to select the I out as of rather then video. I selected this on the tv and the picture fit perfect and lists the input as 1920 x 1080 @ 60 hz

Swapping to the sky hd input it became clear that the picture had been too big for the screen on that input too and on pc more the picture fit just great although it's 1920 x 1080 @ 50hz I assume this is a limitation of the sky box as if the box is set to 720p or 1080i it's always @50hz.

Should I need to set this setting on the TV ? It seems odd to have to do this.
Should I bet setting this on the amp ( if it's possible )
What if any are the negatives of running the tv in pc mode ? Keep in mind the bluray / sky hd / Apple tv4 will all pick up this mode

Guidance appreciated

Joe Fernand

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UK broadcasts are all 50Hz.

SKY broadcast it's HD Channels at 1080i.

ATV should be capable of 50Hz and 60Hz depending on the Source content you are using.

Pioneer TV's can usually save multiple settings based on the Input signal being received on the Input - that way you can 'switch' different Sources via your Amp and still optimise the picture settings individually for each Source.

PC mode is for use wth a PC (makes sense I guess :)) where the values of Black and White are different to Video mode.

There should be a separate button on the TV/TV Remote for setting the overscan (Pixel to Pixel, Just etc) and leave the PDP in Video mode.



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this was my hope that I could leave it on "video" rather than PC - but I can't see how I can get the full screen picture while in "video" mode. I've checked all inputs now Sky/BluRay/AppleTV and all 3 have a small amount cut off the edges, when I select PC mode - the pictures size is correct.

I appreciate how hard it is without the TV model number, but I can't see a way to set the screen picture size properly while in "video" mode.


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got it - it's not a menu option, as you said it's a button on the remote that sets it to dot by dot, and as you say it magically remembers for each input even though it's all being fed into a single hdmi input.

MUCH better, thank you very much

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