Question Pioneer SX-221R Stereo Receiver issue.


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Hi to you all. My trusty old Pioneer Separates System has developed a Hick-up.

The left hand speaker channel has suddenly ceased working - the wiring has been checked and all connections are seemingly good.
When I reversed the speaker connections there was then a muted sound out of the previously perfectly good channel and the previously dead channel then produced sound.

I then reverted them both back to their individual correct channels and Stereo was instantly resumed !!

Any ideas please.

The speaker wires (rather fine) use the bare-ends twisted together into lock-down clamps,is there a more satisfactory system of connection available !!


Sometimes the bare wire can become dirty and corroded. Try cutting off the old bare wire and exposing new strands. If the wire is really thin braided then perhaps invest in some better 2.5mm speaker wire. It could be beneficial to also try some banana plugs.


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Hi gibbsy. Thank you for you rapid reply. I truth,I suspected as much and just after posting my query I did just that and the connection was again restored.
I will invest in a more substantial twin cable tomorrow from my local stockist ( ) and some fine jacks that will fit into the clamps that the bare wires have been getting connected to over the years.
The banana plug jacks are just a little bit thick.


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You can get something like this from most car parts shops and solder them to the cable


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But won't they affect the sound unless you sprinkle them with angel dust.


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Hi to you all again. Well I got my 10mts of stranded copper wire (1.5 as apposed to 2.5 steel/copper coated) £6.39p and I now am awaiting a delivery of a 60w soldering iron complete with a soldering kit - soldering was a skill that I never learned when I was younger - my late father did all of that when needed.
I suspect that a few YouTube lessons are pending !!

The banana plug pins are wider than the clamps will accommodate so I have created a few from 4mm female electrical connectors.
I have done that rather than coat the bare wire ends with solder to form a pin so the clamps have something to grip.


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Hi again to you all out there. What an idiot I have been over this issue - Way back in the mid 70.s I bought myself a 'How To' Give yourself a Stereo Check-out LP on the Decca label. Product reference SKL 4861 and the stupidity of the issue very quickly manifested itself !

This Decca LP covers everything that is essential for the enjoyable listening of my personal Vinyl Collection,some which goes back into the final days of Mario Lanza - a great favourite of my late father.

The left hand speaker was not functioning simply because the 'Balance' control had been somehow rotated heavily in favour of the right-hand speaker - there are cats in the bungalow and I have seen them attempting to rotate other controls and operate the easy buttons on other items that have attracted their attentions.

Now that the issue is solved I will still make use of the bits and pieces that I invested in when my soldering iron arrives.


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