Pioneer SV-310 any good?


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OK I've realised that the setup I'm using is a bit pants due to the poor speakers supplied with and fitted in my Pana TX32PS5 Dolby Tv.

My plan of action is get the Pioneer VSXC301 AV to power the speakers and feed the tv from Pace NTL box and Pana DMRE50 DVD.

I have a sub-woofer (Wharfedale Moviestar 60) so was just looking to get a speaker set without a sub.

Space is a little restricted so smaller is preferred if better than the Pioneers.

I know this is a budget system compared with the ones some of you are running but the wife does not appreciate stereo over mono. She would rather listen to a portable radio than turn on the hi-fi! She knows I'm looking at speakers but doesn't know of the AV receiver yet and will hate the idea of another remote.

Comments - helpful or not?


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If you can still get them buy 2 sets of the Logitechs in the special offers and make up a 5.1 set up which is what I am using in my flat with a 301 receiver(you can use the spares with your PC as a 2.1 system and keep a sat speaker as a spare). The sub should easily beat your current one (but you can try them both anyway) and as a set I think you'd need to spend £200+ to equal the sound.


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Went over to Richer sounds with the intention of getting the Pioneer 301 and perhaps mail-order Pioneer speakers.

Whilst waiting I found some small speakers Gale 3010s at £49.99 a pair which were small enough for my taste, as well as her indoors. Ended up taking the Panasonic SAXR15 on trial to see if it meets my needs (charged £179.95 though that will get sorted on Monday as it's £149 at Argos and Richers own web site!!).

I chose the Mordaunt Short 304 for a centre as again it's a smaller unit - you see a trend here?

That will make my setup:

Panasonic TX32PS5 TV
1 x Mordaunt Short 304 Centre
4 x Gale 3010 Satellites
1 Wharfedale Moviestar 60 sub
Panasonic DMR-E50
NTL Cable box

RS told me to connect Speakers to AV, digital between DVD & AV, svideo between AV & TV and Scart for the NTL. They reckon quality will be better. On the plus side they gave me 15m of speaker cable and a £20 svideo-svideo lead for free.

I did think of the suggested Logitech kits but none in stock near me and Dixons Group and I are in middle of a complaint anyway.

I'm back at Richers on Monday as there were too many boxes for me to carry home so I can rectify any bad decisions then when I pick up the centre speaker and the other pair of satellites.

As long as this all works better than the basic tv setup I should be happy (as long as the missus does not kill me).

Thanks for feedback



lots of different branded speakers can make strange noises, if you can try the 301 instead of the saxr15 I found it much better.


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I've started to try the Pana SAXR15 and boy am I gettting confused with the connections.

I'm feeding the NTL box into the PanaE50 via scart & then scart to tv for video signal. DVD to AV audio via optical, NTL to AV via 2 phono. That leaves TV on it's own, I think I need to use the other tv scart to get 2 phono outs for sound. If that works all the sound will be via AV.

I thought the AV unit would take all the feeds in and switch between them, though how it would allow recording of NTL/TV to DVD beats me.

I'm starting to wonder of the Pioneer 301 does all this and Richer have steered me in the wrong direction.

Dumb question;

Where Scarts have RGB built in is this better than 3 phonos for L/R and video?

Any suggestions on the best connections would help me get my head back in order.



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