Pioneer sub problem


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I have just bought a Pioneer VSAX-AX5Ai amp and have attched a REL 500 subwoofer.
I cannot get the sub to work though.
It keeps saying on the amp that the sub is too low and turn it up.
I have tried turning it up to max but still nothing.
All i get from the sub is the speaker cone constantly vibrating???
Can anyone suggest anything?


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Hi, Are you not able to get the sub to respond to the acoustic calibration on the set up menu? Try checking what the settings are for the sub on the set up menu. I think if you are getting a vibration the cable must be working so it seems like a setting turned down. I am no great expert but I have had the odd self inflicted problem with my AX-3.
regards stasis.


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No i cant get the sub to respond at all in the set up menu. The amp just says it cant set the sun as the setting are too low to detect it. I have tried all settings on the sub but just cant get any response. I have also tried all the different settings on the amp and still nothing. As i say all i get when i try it is a constant small vibration from the sub speaker. When i unplug the cable it stops so i dont think the sub is faulty.
any ideas?


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Silly question: how did you connect the sub to the amp (which sockets)?

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