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I'm a new boy to the forum and my first post is a cry for help.

I bought a Sony strde 495 with a set of Pioneer ssp40 speakers to hook up to my DVD player. Thought I'd be smart and get the sub seperately - mistake no 1. The sub I managed to buy (ebay) was I thought a compatible piece of kit to go with the Pioneer speakers a Pioneer s-dv88sw, ie. max watts, colour etc. Soon discovered the phono lead from the receiver does not fit any connections on the back of the sub! mistake no 2. The only connections on the rear apart from the speaker terminals appear to be a small black connector block (female) that looks like a mini scart and a small square shaped multi pin connection point. I dont have instructions for the sub, so I can't give a more accurate description on the specs.

The question is can I buy a suitable cable that will fit the reciever's output and the totally different sub input? or will I have to completely shelve the sub and delve into the finances to get a suitable woofer? A pity because the sub is brand spanking and looks a nice bit of kit.

Any advice gratefully accepted


Ian J

The Pioneer s-dv88sw is part of a set of five speakers plus a subwoofer that all operate together and I am not sure that you can use it with other speakers.

It is reviewed here



Yep it does seem Pioneer have engineered the sub for use with other Pioneer gear, I will have to keep looking for possible ways around the connection problem



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I don't think there is one, it could be that the sub will only work with that specific surround sound package.

It is very unlikely that a converter of some sort will be found.

Doesn't ebay protect buyers from this sort of thing? You have been sold a sub that will not work with a standard amp, if I were you, I'd try to get my money back and go for another.



I think I will have to accept the inevitable and nip out and purchase a replacement sub.

To be fair to the listing on ebay it did state that it might be compatable with other Pioneer set ups, I took that to mean speakers not just systems. A lesson learned!


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