Pioneer - sound surround or Amp ??


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Hi Guys !!

Had my plasma (pioneer 436XDE) a month now & very happy with it ! but feel I am missing out on the sound quality side of things - I am using the pioneer centre speaker that hangs underneath tv.

I have read various threads relating to surround sound Home Theatre etc. & then read thread saying don`t go that way use av receiver !!:confused:

Problem for me is, I have wooden floors & can`t get cables to the back of room - so would something like the Pioneer DCS333 system (3:1) be ok & more to the point, actually work with my plasma ??? :lease:

Thanks in advance from a complete NON Audiophile !!!


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there's a sony all in one system where the rear speakers are wireless, maybe worth a look. Quite expensive I think though.


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As always in this game, it depends how far you want to go!

You get an out of the box DVD / home cinema kit if on a low budget which will be better than nothing and, if you have never had a surround set up, you will really appreciate the difference. If you do go down this route, try to make sure that the DVD player has the ability to take in other AV sources so that you can run say, Sky through your surround set up.

If you want to go for a more beefy surround sound set up then you may want to consider going down the amp route with a seperate speaker package. This will give you much more flexibility to run other sources through your speakers such as Sky, CD player, game console etc. if that's what you want. You are also more likely to get a better quality sound from this type of set up as the old rule of you get what you pay for will aplly.

As for having a wooden floor, I really wouldn't let that put you off as there are always ways of concealing speaker cables! For instance, you could drill a small hole in the wall to feed your speaker cable in and then feed it along the wall and pull it out by the speaker. You would probably have to make small holes every 10 inches or so to pick up the cable and keep it feeding through but these will easily disapear with a bit of filler and a touch up from a paint sampler pot.

As I say, it depends how far you want to go but the top line of it all is that a decent surround sound system will revolutionise your viewing experience so definitely go for it! :D


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Same problem at home, woodern floor etc. I'm going to buy Keff Egg's or B&W little sat speakers and mount them just below the ceiling angles down. I've read a few review which say this is on of the best way to do things. Which means all the cable can you up one wall and inot the ceiling. Quite a lot of work but worth it to remove the cable issue. A post on here has the same thing speak close tot he ceiling. The only issue is how to get the wire up there which may mean channeling or if your not fussed boxing in wires.


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Thanks for the quick replies guys !! solid walls & fitted bedroom furniture, makes cabling just that bit more difficult !!

Budget wise - I don`t mind spending a reasonable amount to be able to do what I want to do !! - I have just got to make sure that whatever I buy will actually work with my plasma !! I would also like to keep it Pioneer, and I know they do a few models with wireless rear speakers - just wondering if anyone out there had such a system ?? & what they thought of it !

once again thank-you !

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