Pioneer Skips/Major Problems?


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Nov 18, 2002
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Ok I bought a Pioneer DV-350 last year, haven't had any problems with it until now.

I used to have Fellowship of the Ring (Normal Edition) and then bought the Extended Edition a few weeks ago.

I played it for the first time and I noticed some serious skipping/plain not playing...i.e it would play and then just go into a serious jerky mode.

Sent it back to and got a replacement. Same thing. Doesn't skip in the same place however, very random about when it does it. Both discs 1 & 2 have skipped.

Tried it on my xbox, skipped as well. But trying it on my dads cheapo DVD player it doesn't?

Anyway, haven't noticed it on any of my other discs.

Any ideas what I should do now? Warranty ran out so I have no idea what to do now.

no advice really, but have to say I'm VERY suprised.
Pioneer machines, unlike other brands, in my experience play absolutely anything unless the disc is quite badly damaged or faulty.
I use my Pioneer deck as the reference check point to see if a suspect disk will play at all. Usually it does!
Yea, I'm suprised as well :/

Not sure what to do then...could ring Pioneer, any chance I could get a firmware update? If so, what would this improve if anything?

Or perhaps get a new DVD player?

You say the disc also skipped on your x box well then perhaps its the disc at fault and ur dads cheapo dvd player is more forgiving of the discs faults, change the disc to another and see if there is any skipping and if there isn't then perhaps its the disc at fault and not the players.
Yeah could be they had a bad batch of DVD's produced, I've seen that happen before.
Yea that's what I'm thinking, because both are from, so I'm thinking they have a bad bunch.

Will return and then buy from elsewhere.


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