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I bought a Pioneer 436XDE back in July and only set it up a couple of weeks ago. The plasma is mounted on the wall, with the video and system cables running behind the wall - these cables are 6m cables made by WireWorld.

I'm not totally sure what to expect from the quality of the display, but it's clear when I play a DVD on my Sony NS76H or view the Pioneer setup menus, there is a shimmering effect going on. For example, if I look closely at the colour graphics of the Pioneer setup menus, the area showing the menu seems to shimmer. Colours aren’t like they’d be on a LCD screen for instance where one pixel displays a single, vibrant colour. Obviously, from a distance you tend not to notice it unless you have a really large area of the screen that is yellow for instance.

I’m going to try the original system cables with the Plasma at the weekend, but wondered if I’m maybe expecting too much from the picture quality of a plasma.


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What you have not stated is what type of cable you have run, HDMI, Component, your Sony what have you set it to output, 720p, 1080i etc etc.


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Are you sure this is not your Plasma upscaling your seeing....

See if you can still see this with a PC connected to the VGA input at 1024x768..

Plus...How close do you find you have to be to see it...


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My DVD player is connected using HDMI and is currently set to auto upscale, so I'll need to check to see if it's doing 720 or 1080. Also, I've got all the plasma settings turned down as recommended by the "running in" document posted in this forum.

I'm more concerned by the fact that the on-screen menus from the media box i.e. the plasma system itself, is showing some shimmer. This is what leads me to believe it is the plasma that's this issue. I can also see it when I view the BBC HD preview channel on my NTL TVDrive box.

The shimmer itself is noticable close-up i.e. a couple of feet away, but it can be seen from about 3 to 4 metres away when a large area of the screen is showing a colour such as yellow.

I might try connecting a PC to the media receiver and see how that looks.

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