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Pioneer SC-LX87 or Yamaha RX-A3030 with Monitor Audio Silver RX


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Hi all any advice on which would sound better with my Monitor Audio Silver RX6 AV12 Speaker package ? Right now I have a Pioneer SC-LX81 which is about 5yrs old now I think. I do have a slight hearing problem so I struggle with hearing voices clear so I have to have it quite loud so I can hear what they say and then when all action kicks off I love it but wife hates it and wants it turned down :mad:
I did read some place that the pioneer was very good with voices and keeping them very clear even with everything kicking off in a movie.
Am I throwing money away on getting the LX87 at £1350 when I can get an LX57 for £800 and if so would the LX57 sound better than my LX81 ?
The Yamaha RX-A3030 is about £1500.
Would I be better off buying the LX57 and a better center speaker and if so what center speaker is best for keeping voices clear ?
I don't want to spend more than £1500 in total so any help would be great thx.:D
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Hi I had the yamaha 3030 and the pioneer lx87 on my kef reference at home for a week and bought the pioneer lx87 the detail and clarity are outstanding and the app is amazing, hope that helps

Russ 66

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As already said Anthem.


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thanks for the reply guys and if im honest I really don't like the look of the anthem amps. has anyone heard the LX57 against the LX87 and can you hear a difference or would you have to have very good hearing to notice ? would I be wasting my money ?
What about going for the LX57 + a better centre speaker up to £600 for centre speaker to have over all better sound over the LX81 and Monitor Audio silver RX6 Speaker package I have now ?


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I had the Yam 2010 and changed to the LX57 - it was like removing cotton wool plugs from my ears!

Oh, I'm using MA GS speakers (bi-amped fronts)


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I had a demo of the anthem mrx710 at audio t but at £900 more than the pioneer lx87 I could not here the extra cost plus it looked a bit bland to me

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