Pioneer sc-lx75 - Q Acoustics 7000 enough speaker for this amp


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Hi All,
I was all set to buy and Onkyo 609 to go with Q Acoustics 7000 when I stumbled across a great deal on the pioneer sc-lx75. I can get the Pioneer for £875

I'm just wondering if the Q Acoustics are enough speaker to go with the Pioneer or should I just go with the original plan and buy the Onkyo.

My Wife likes the style of the Q Acoustics and I only have around £800 for speakers and sub.


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Rather than basing your decision on price, you really should audition. Buying blindly and building up a system using 'good prices' is usually a recipe for disaster, and usually ends up with people upgrading again very quickly because the system isn't quite to their liking.

The Pioneer receiver is a good one, but you may prefer the sound of Yamaha receivers, or Onkyo receivers with the Q Acoustics speakers. Synergy and personal preference are the main two ingredients for a good, enjoyable system.

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