Pioneer sc-lx72

Blue ass fly

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Anyone own one of these
Just bought the above receiver to replace a vsx922
Ive set it up for 5.1 and speaker B so i can listen to cds in stereo in another room
5.1 sounds great , a massive improvement over the old one but speaker B is a bit disappointing - ide read that its very good in stereo
Ive run a set up for the 5.1 but cannot find a way to eq the speaker B
Can this be done without interfering with the main speakers
The manual doesnt really help


You can only EQ is the main zone. There could be several reasons why your Zone B performance is not as good. It could be different speakers. It could be how those speakers perform within that room, it cannot be EQ'd. It could simply be that you are experiencing what a great many owners of receivers know and that is that stereo performance from receivers is relatively poor.

My AV amp is really good at 5.1 music from SACD, DVD-A and blu ray audio but it's stereo performance from redbooks is abysmal even in the main zone which is EQ'd.

If you listen a lot to music in your other room then your answer maybe to get a stereo amp and run a RCA splitter straight from the CD player.

Blue ass fly

Novice Member
Thats what i was doing prior to buying this one , rca from the bluray to a stereo amp
I went this route after reading how good the lx72 was in stereo reproduction ( reference some people said)
I figured if its as good as a reasonable 2 ch amp ide be happy
Ille try it through some different ( modern) speakers to see if theres any improvement
It sounds amazing throught my B&W speakers in the main room

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