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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by darcym, Dec 27, 2018.

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      I've had this setup for a while now and thought I'd take stock of my settings (it's Christmas, what else is there to do) and try to fix an annoying "bug" that's niggled me for as long as I can remember.

      As of December 2018 - my SC-LX701/Apple TV4k and Sony A1 are on the latest software / firmware possible.

      my setup is as follows.

      Apple TV4k into SC-LX701 on "streaming" HDMI input (2.2) with with this HDMI cable

      My Pioneer SC-LX701 then outputs to my Sony A1 on HDMI 3 /Master ARC (correct input for full 4k/HDR support)
      Via high quality HDMI cable (don't have the brand to hand as its laid under the floor)

      The Pioneer SC-LX701 should be in essence a pass through.

      I am unable to get dolby vision to enable on the ATV4K ( I can get 4K HRD @60hz - Chroma 4:2:0)

      if I set the Chroma to 4:2:2 on the ATV4K the screen goes black and I have to reset.
      if I do the "check HDMI connection test" the test starts (I can see the screen test resolutions) but at the end I get the error that the test could not be completed "we couldn't fully evaluate your HDMI connection" I assume this is because of the amp being used as a passthrough, but this doesn't seem right to me.

      if I hit the "try dolby vision" option on the AT4K the screen goes black, and it eventually falls back tot he previous setting of 4k HDR @60hz.

      so my questions which from my reading should be sane questions to ask, but I'm not a huge AV buff so it could be my user error.

      Should this setup support dolby vision (yes is my belief)
      Should this setup suport chroma 4:2:2 (again yes is my belief)
      Why can't the ATV4K do the HDMI check - the docs suggest my cable may not be up to the job (this feels incorrect but I'm not fully clear ont he HDMI spec's)

      Now for the annoying "bug" while using the ATV4K, every now and then when it's in the menu, eg: the home screen, or browsing an app such as netflix, the TV's info "banner" comes on, like when the input is selected eg: the black bar at the top saying HDMI 3 / ARC Master, 3840x2160p as if it's working out the resolution or as if the input just "blipped" (I can provide a picture if I'm not explaining this very well) this doesn't happen when watching something, but every now and then - I get a white "flash" again as if the ATV4K input has just blipped for a sub nano second (the TV info banner doesn't come up) this isn't steaming this is also when watching local content on the ATV4K.

      It doesn't do it on other input eg: sky TV.

      I've tried a different HDMI cable (hence how I know the make model as I've only just changed it)

      I can't help but feel there is something wrong with my ATV4K / Amp setup.

      Any advice / guidance would be amazing.


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