Pioneer SC-LX59 HLG problem


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Hi all

A friend has a problem with his Pioneer SC-LX59 not passing hlg from Sky q to his television
Fed from Sky Q box straight to the television its fine.
Is there a way round this by maybe spitting signal in 2 and sending one straight to television for video
and another to SC-LX59 for audio?Unf Sky Q box only has one hdmi outut

Ta for any help



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Also have that amp, mine won’t pass it either which seems odd given it will other HDR. I have just upgraded to a Denon. Best solution is to just use arc for sound via tv if it has it.


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An AV receiver would need to be specifically compliant with HLG in order to passs it through. Just because an AVR has compliance with other forms of HDR wouldn't mean it would or should passthrough HLG.

The SC-LX59 hasn't the ability to passthrough HLG and only supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR.

No, you cannot split the HDMI signal after it has been output from the source and convey the HLG to a compliant display whilst simultaneously conveying the audio to the AV receiver. The source device reaads the EDIDs onboard both the AV receiver and the TV prior to determining what it can output and will only output video that is compliant with the least capable device it detects. If it detects that the AV receiver isn't HLG compliant then it wouldn't therefore output HLG. The only way you'd be able to do something like this is with a source device that includes its own dedicated audio and video HDMI outputs. A Sky box wouldn't have more than one HDMI output.

Another possible solution is to use ARC. You could connect the SKY box directly to the TV, pass the audio through the TV and then output it to the AV receiver via ARC. This would allow you to access the HLG video if the TV is HLG compliant.

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