Pioneer SC-LX59 5.0 Setup options for better bass.


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Hello all 👋 , this is my first post and I've searched for this on the forums but am unable to find it. I have gone from a Sony 1040 to a Pioneer SC-LX59. Overall the reciever is better (UI is super slow though!) and sounds a lot more crisp and balanced as expected but really lacks bass in comparison to the Sony which had the same setup. I'm just wondering if anyone is able to advise to get a bit more "kick" out of it with the existing setup below please? I live in a one bed flat and with the Sony found a sub too much so have always kept it 5.0. Any advice is much appreciated.

Sony BDP-S7200
Monitor Audio BX6 Front/BX6 Bronze Centre/Bronze BX2 Rear


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Hi, it could simply be that your Sony amp was tuned in it's design to be bassier than your Pioneer is.
I have a Pioneer SC LX73 and I run 2 subs with it and it sounds great. You may have too bite the bullet and simply add a sub. You will find with a decent sub that it improves the whole listening experience as it adds so much to the sound.
I use my 2 on the low level inputs from my AV amp and into the high level inputs from my Musical Fidelity AMS 35I from it's speaker terminals.
I'm a fan of Rel subs as you can do high and low level with separate set up for each and they sound great.
Good luck, hope you get sorted.
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