Pioneer SC-LX57 and Cambridge audio Aero package.

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by MartinGH1369, Feb 12, 2014.

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    Hi all, I recently purchased a pioneer SC-LX57 with cambridge audio aero 6, 5, 3 and 9. That's 2x floor standers, 1x centre, 2x rear surround and 1x sub so 5.1.
    I "upgraded" from an onkyo 609 with kef 1505. As far as I am concerned my old set up was vastly better than the new, considering the price difference was nearly £2000 I am a bit annoyed.
    I was hoping someone here could tell me how I should setup this system so that it sounds as good as it looks!

    I have an xbox one, ps4 wii u, xbox 360 and sky connected to the amp via HDMI. I tried optical but this made no difference.

    What are the optimum settings for this setup? I currently have the sub set to 180 phase... Should it be set to 0? I have most of the digital processing turned off. I am unable to get more than 2 speakers to output sound on most sky channels (HD content sometimes outputs 5.1 but not always) where as on the onkyo I could have the sound coming out of all of the speakers, I guess it was an expanded stereo but I can't find this setting on the pioneer.

    I ran the amps setup but the results were underwhelming, I have to use the iPad/android app to access some of the settings as I am unable to find them on the amps on screen menu system (why don't manufacturers put more effort into the on screen menus? Just look at the iPad/android apps! That should be the on screen menu not the crud that they do use.

    Any help that can be offered will be greatly received, save what remains of my hair!

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