Pioneer S-HF10 and Wharfedale Zaldek S200 Speakers



Hi, all,

My first posting here... Nice community

I have the option for purchasing the following speakers, and I was wondering if anyone could give me an opinion or some advice?

Pioneer S-HF10 vrs. Wharfedale Zaldek S200 Speakers

The speakers would be driven by a Yamaha RX-V495 Receiver (purchased in the USA).

Thanks, for any help in deciding which one.


Sorry, that should have read :

Pioneer S-HF10 and Wharfedale Zaldek S2000 Speakers ...

The Wharfedales are S2000



hiya, i used have a set of 2000s and 1000s together, and there nice speakers when set up properly, but i would warn you as they need a warm sounding amp to make them enjoyable, i have a yamaha Rx-V640RDS and its got everything that youl ever need really. and its only £240. They sound really good with acoustic and piano but avoid playing vinyls through them, they are to sensitive and it isnt a very enjoyable experience, it also depends if you like horn tweeters and midrange (can sound harsh and sometimes tinny if not set up properly) for the money there brilliant.but like always there is better kit out there, i had mine for 2 years then bought some kef q7s they are definatly better but look at the price tag in comparison + £400 more so you hope they where better. Hope that helps.

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