Pioneer S-81 speaker set


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I'm am looking out to buy a new surround speaker set and I came across the S-81 speaker set from Pioneer. Sadly I cannot find huge info about it from people. I found only 1 review and they don't really compare it to something else.

Therefore I'd like to know if anyone on the forum has them or has compared them with other speakers in that price range.

Is there a better buy or something terribly wrong with these speakers because I really can't find much info.

Pioneer S-81 Home Cinema Speakers Review - Home Cinema Reviews - TrustedReviews

Thx in advance. :)

Jon P

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I'd guess your best option is to try and hear them yourself as trying to find a review may prove hard and I would guess not many have heard them, including my self even though I've heard most others. Pioneer and doing a series of sound sessions around the country maybe this is something that they demo. I think they are possible going to demo the 31's and 71's more realistically as well as there reference sets.


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I also had a demo of the pioneer s-81-k floor standers (with pioneer lx83) and was very happy with it however not sure about going with pioneer speakers. Also looking Monitor audio gold series.

Did you eventually buy the pioneer speakers ?


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