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pioneer volume control ?
please can anyone help, i have just brought a pioneer vsxd912 reciever and hooked my tannoy fx 5.1 sat speakers up. although up and running seem sure that it is not set up proper as the sound needs to be turned up quite alot to get a decent volume. and not sure that this is a good idea with my small speakers. what is the average volume setup on the reciever as it starts at --- then counts back from -99db, i have turned to 40db and this sounds average volume level. on my last amp was really loud 1/3 of way up. to get the same volume as my other amp would need to turn right up, which guessing should not have too.

thanks and look forward to reply, cath


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Don't think this is a problem. I have an 812 (same as the 912 without the automatic setup, I think).

That sounds about correct on the scale -40 on mine is reasonable volume, though if i was watching a movie I would normally have it at about -25 ish

Hope this helps.


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Geez -25 must blow the roof off!

I have mine at -40 and that almost shook the speakers from the wall whilst watching Master and Commander!!


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Only at that volume when the wife is out :D


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It all depends on the reciever. I used to own a Pioneer 810s and only used to play dvd's at -30/-32 . I now own a Yamaha 1400 and play dvd's at -24/-26 to get the same volume levels.


It can also depend on the efficiency of the speakers,what are they?89db 90db should be easy to drive and go loud,I'm getting this amp soon,so will see whats it's like when it arrives.
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