Pioneer Player Problems via 480i/576i Interlaced viaComposite, S-video, and Component


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I'm in the U.S. and own a Pioneer Elite DV-58AV. In Europe, this player is called or known as the Pioneer DV-LX50. I ran tests on this player via a PC monitor with all the inputs. Its HDMI performance is fantastic! However, I have an eleven-year-old CRT in my living room with only Composite and S-video via an RF modulator. I get the following problem on my old TV and my PC monitor:

The brightness control doesn't adjust the brightness of the entire screen. The contrast control seems to work OK. I notice that when I try to raise the Gamma to enhance detail in darker scenes, reds become light pink and blues become light green. Also, when installing Hakan's firmware, the Black Level switch doesn't work! I prefer how everything behaves via HDMI. The brightness control adjusts the brightness of the entire screen. The gamma control does not ruin color quality. Does anyone have a DV-220, DV-220V, DV-310, DV-320, DV-420V, DV-510K, or DV-610AV connected via Composite, S-video, or Component? If so, set your player to Interlaced mode at 480i or 576i. Set your contrast to +16, and gamma to -3. Is the color quality badly affected by these settings? Also, if you move the brightness control from 0 to +20, then back to 0, do blacks become brighter, or do they stay the same? I have a Pioneer Elite DV-49AV on backorder for me. In Europe, this is called or known as the DV-610AV. I'm hoping that the controls on it do not behave similar to my DV-58AV. However, if I get the player before anyone replies and discover that it has the same problem, I would then have to pay return shipping costs.

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