Pioneer Plasma PDP504HDE & RS-232 Port


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Does anyone (Gordon or Joe) have any information about the RS-232 port on the Pioneer Plasma PDP504HDE?

From reading the documentation it is designed as an engineer's port for additional setup options. But I also understand it can be used by control systems like Crestron to send very basic commands such as turn on/off and select the different inputs.

The reason I am looking for this information is that I do not want to put an IR probe on the front of very good looking plasma and the only way I can see to control the plasma is via this port on the back of the media box.

Someone did say that on back of the media box you have an additional input for an IR probe, but from all the documents and pictures I have seen this it does not provide this as an option. Am I wrong?



There is an IR in jack, according to the brochure. I've never noticed it, but then I've never looked, all my HDE customers ain't that sophisticated. I sell them an MXE if they are... RS232 control would be excellent with this panel, gets around one of my main objections to it. As Crestron is a bit dear for most of us, it might be fun to try using a tablet PC. But failing that, IR in to the media box will work well, you need a QED roomlink or some such. But the IR reciever being on the panel, how come you need to?

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