Pioneer Pioneer VSX-AX5i-G sound problems with blu ray


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I am listening to my Blu Ray movies through my Pioneer amp through a HDMI cable which is running through an HDMI switch.
I am using the Sony PS3 to which I have no complaints however the PCM soundtrack just doesnt sound as good as a DVD though my Pioneer 969 DVD player and amp.
I have to turn the volume on the amplfier twice as high as compared to when i'm playing DVD through the amp.
I just dont feel as if I'm getting the full surround sound experience.
I do hear surround sound but not very impressive and i dont get as much bass from my sub.

Any suggestions on settings would be much appreicated.



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Might be to do with the LFE bug on Pio amps with hi-def sources via HDMI. Updated amp firmware required - there is a thread in this a search.

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