Pioneer PDPLX5090 for £959 + Free Delivery...True or False ?

Killswitch 73

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was looking at the Pioneer PDPLX5090 and came across this website...and was woundering if you guys thought this was very next cheapest i can find this tv is £1899..

DalyEureka - Pioneer PDPLX5090 Plasma TV

seems to good to be true and i have never heard of this website before..but it did come under google as the cheapest on the this the price becuase it has no speakers ????

very intrested to know as if this is legit i would part with my cash for this Tv ,,iv heard nothing but good things about ths TV..

thanks guys


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Too good to be true...I would like to know if you receive the TV :)

Will order one if anyone has purchased one before and is legit!


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You know what? Check the prices of all other items, ridiculous prices on almost all way they are legit, I would stay away guys!

Canon EOS 450D for £260

MacBook 13.3 for £361

PS3 80GB for £140

Nikon D90 for £389

LOL I am glad you checked here before ordering it straight away!
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The Snake

Its a scam (99%)

Eureka is a legit shop by the looks.

DalyEureka Limited does not even look a registered company per companies house (i've had a look). There is no company no. on the website but they call themselves DalyEureka Limited on the site.

Killswitch 73

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i ready did think it was a bogus site ....dont come across them ofton ...and i only buy from sites that i know and thats alot of sites...but this site did seem like a joke to me...and sure enough it im deffo staying away...imagine paying through paypal...would paypal still cover you ...even though im not going to try it...

S Bibby

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Beware this site. I would also avoid Google shopping and use other sites for price comparison otherwise these sites will come up.

Unfortunately illegitimate businesses such as these are more common, and often hide behind Security Cerificates and Paypal verification which are all fake. If you look at the name, it is a sloppy attempt to copy another legitmate business (also Daly, not Daily). Another thing is that the HTML layout looks poor, which suggests that it has been copied or edited from another site. Clearly the business address and server address do not match.

Business address -

DalyEureka Ltd.
Address: 135 Montague St.
City: Worthing
State: West Sussex
Zip: BN11 3BP
Country: UK

Again, I don't think this is the first or the last time we will one of these sites. I have tried looking for some Sharp LCDs and they are often found at low prices on the dodgy ones ie. and (these being just a couple, there are many more). Thanks to forum members they are usually blacklisted ASAP.
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